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Accidents and accident prevention Accidents and accident prevention Alcohol Alcohol Auckland Auckland
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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Animals Animals Aviation Aviation
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New Zealand Statistics : Agriculture
Agri-fax database  NZX Agri-Fax Limited. Database from 1987, covering farm and export prices for lamb, beef, venison, dairy products, wool, wheat, forestry, seafood and horticultural products. Some data available on website. PLEASE NOTE any requests for specific data will be charged at a minimun FEE of $200+GST .

Agriculture production statistics  Statistics New Zealand. Includes the annual Agricultural Production Statistics which collects information about commercial agricultural production from farming animals, growing crops, horticulture and forestry and also the Census of agricultural production (animal, crop, horticultural farms and forestry) .

Annual review of the New Zealand sheep and beef industry  NZ Meat & Wool Boards’ Economic Service. International livestock and production, prices paid & received, farm revenue & expenditure, seasonal weather conditions, livestock numbers, meat production/consumption/prices, wool production/consumption/prices, fertilizer, store stock prices, land values, price levels in NZ and overseas, NZ interest & exchange rates. Printed copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ AGRsb.

Dairy statistics  Livestock Improvement Council.

Digital yearbook collection  Statistics New Zealand. Digitised New Zealand Official Yearbook since 1893. Select a yearbook, press [Ctrl]-F to search within it using keywords..

Economic reports  Beef and Lamb New Zealand. New Zealand sheep and beef sector reports on projected and past farm income, expenditure, and profit before tax.

Energy use survey information releases  Statistics New Zealand. Statistics detailing the energy used by the New Zealand economy including: Industrial and trade, Primary, and Services sectors.

Environment  Stats NZ. New Zealand’s Environmental Reporting Series gives you information on the state of our environment, the pressures that influence this state, and the impacts this state has on our ecological integrity, public health, economic benefits derived from using natural resources, and culture and recreation.

Estimating the economic contribution of biotechnology to New Zealand's primary sector  Ministry of Research, Science and Technology. Measures the uptake of four core biotechnologies within the various primary sectors. These include Marker Assisted Selection, bio-control agents, enzyme manipulations and clonal propagation Print copy in General library, Level G New Zealand and Pacific Collection, Call number: 338.476606 M66.

Export statistics  Beef and Lamb New Zealand Limited. Export statistics for beef and lamb, and wool.

Farm expenses price index  Statistics New Zealand. A measure of the change in input costs for the New Zealand farming industry, which includes: Sheep, beef, dairy, hotricultural, cropping and other farms.

Fish  Statistics New Zealand. The asset value of New Zealand’s commercial fish resource and Fish monetary stock accounts. Select the relevant year .

Implementing New Zealand's agricultural production census for 2002  Statistics New Zealand. Agricultural production census 2002.

Infoshare  Statistics New Zealand. Provides access to a range of time-series data such as: economic information (eg price indexes and production figures), demographic measures (eg births and deaths), arrival and departure data, wholesale and retail trade information, exports and imports data, building consents data. You can: find tables by searching or browsing through a list, download customised tables in Excel or comma separated variable (CSV) format and print tables.

Land cover database  New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Statistics New Zealand. Land cover mapping programme enables comparisons to be made of vegetation types and other land cover over time.

Land Use  Ministry for the Environment. Ministry for the Environment and Statistics NZ team up to produce the stats for Land Use..

Livestock Improvement Corporation  LIC is an integrated herd improvement organisation. Dairy statistics. Enter 'statistics' in the search box.

Long-term data series  Statistics New Zealand. LTDS provides a general reference source of information on demographic, social and economic trends in New Zealand. The series cover varying periods of time between 1840 and 2004..

Monitoring reports  Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry . (MAF) Arable, dairy, deer, horticulture, pip fruit, sheep & beef. Financial status of farms, orchards and vineyards.

New Zealand official yearbook  Statistics New Zealand. The authoritative source on New Zealand, its people, the government and industry for 100 years, with text, graphs, tables and illustrations covering subjects from the geography and climate, electoral system, employment, commerce and industry, as well as social and political change. Each year there is a focus on a specific theme. Printed copy location: General library, Level M, Call number S2/NZ STAy.

New Zealand sheep and beef farm survey  New Zealand Meat & Wool Boards’ Economic Service. Production and financial analysis including regional data. Physical & production data, wool & livestock prices, farm revenue, farm expenditure, capital structure, flow of funds, measures of economic profitability, time series, analysis of single-owner farms. Printed copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ AGRsf.

NZ.Stat  Statistics New Zealand. Formerly TableBuilder available by subject: 2006 Population Census, Agriculture Statistics, Business Statistics, Criminal Conviction and Sentencing Statistics, Disability Survey: 2006 , Employment and Unemployment (Labour Market), Exports and Imports, Housing Quality Statistics, Recorded crime statistics. Excellent source of data, national and district data. Build your own tables.

Open data and forecasting  New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries. MPI agricultural production, pastoral, forestry, greenhouse gases, and trade.

Productivity statistics  Statistics New Zealand. From 1978 - looks at New Zealand productivity growth across 23 industries. Comments on Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Labour, Productivity, Electricity, Gas and water supply and Transport.

Small holdings in New Zealand  New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Incorporated. NZARES Statistics and comments on life-style blocks in New Zealand from 1980s to 2003.

The Role of R&D in productivity growth: The case of agriculture in New Zealand: 1927 to 2001  Treasury. by Julia Hall and Grant M Scobie. 2006. Treasury Working Paper 06/01. Productivity growth is a key determinant of rising living standards. The agricultural sector has been an important contributor to the overall growth of productivity in New Zealand. This paper estimates the contribution that R&D has made to agricultural productivity.

Tier 1 statistics  Statistics New Zealand. Portfolio of state sector statistics..

International Statistics : Agriculture
OECD FAO Agricultural outlook  Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development. OECD from 1999 - . The 2011 report provides world market trends for biofuels, cereals, oilseeds, sugar, meats, dairy products and, for the first time, the fisheries sector over the 2011-20 period. This edition also includes an evaluation of recent developments, key issues and uncertainties in those commodity markets.